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Yoga Types, Training Centers & Classes

Yoga Training Booking Online

We do online booking for yoga & meditation training classes. yoga-meditation training classes Yoga do for our wellness of health, stress relief etc. Nowadays many training classes, school of yoga, yoga tips books, on line yoga, separate yoga for women and kids are many impact of our daily life. Yoga came from Sanskrit originated India around 11 th century. We offers a learning courses, training programs in many cities conducted for professional trainers and we give a on line yoga details in our site. Registration is completely free for candidates. Further details you can approach us through on line. Click to contact now.

Yoga Centers In Kerala

We provide yoga and meditation training center list and package rate & booking for customers. Yoga centers in Cochin, Alappuzha, kannur, kozhikod and other districts. Nowadays yoga techniques, yoga therapy, Pranayamam, meditation etc do in yoga centers. Yoga Centers In KeralaSanthiyoga in Trivandrum, International Vasishta Yoga Research Foundation in Calicut, Vattamkulam Yoga Center, Sai Divine study center in Palakkad, Arsha Yoga In Trissur etc are the some yoga center in Kerala. Click to contact now.

  • Padamakarma Yogashala-Kovalam
  • Drishti Vinyasa Yoga-Trivandrum
  • Amrita Yoga Center-Cochin
  • Sharanagati Yogahaus-Varkala
  • Sai Divine Study Center-Palakkad
  • Bodhi Yoga Center-Cochin
  • Aarsha Yoga Vidya Peetham-Karunagappally

Online Yoga Training Classes

Yoga help for completely a stress relief and relax life. On line yoga videos and teacher training courses, On line yoga classes for beginners, reviews, breathing exercises, yoga poses, and these classes give a proper instruction related yoga training. Yoga training institute, school provide a complete study of yoga courses and yoga science. online yoga classesWe give a proper register details of online yoga training classes and considerable rate for duration of courses. Click & contact us for more details.

  • Yoga For Arithritis
  • Yoga For Heart disease
  • Yoga For Endocrinology
  • Yoga For Diabetics
  • Yoga For Asthma
  • Yoga For Spondylitis
  • Yoga For Stress Management
  • Yoga For EYesight Improvement
  • Yoga For Cyclic Meditation
  • Yoga For Spiritual Urge Service & Leadership
  • Yoga For Pranic Energising Technioue
  • Yoga For Yoga Nidra
  • Yoga For Back Pain

Types of Yoga / Poses

Yoga makes you completely stress free and concentrated meditation, bringing peace, happiness, memory power etc. Yoga coming from sanskrit. Many complicated illness can avoid while doing yoga in regular. Different yoga positions are executed in yoga like hip opening yoga, seated yoga, twist yoga, Pranayama poses, yoga mudra, inversion yoga poses, balancing yoga poses, standing yoga poses, yoga back bends, core yoga poses etc are some types of poses. We give a details of some yoga list types. Contact us today for booking.

  • Hatha yoga
  • Vinyasa
  • Iyengar
  • Bikram
  • Ashtanga
  • Jivamukti
  • Kundalini

Yoga Tips, Books & Videos

Yoga related books, journals, articles, videos are helpful understanding about yoga. You can contact through on line to know more about yoga classes. Books and tips of Yoga can used to understand about yoga for beginners. We give a yoga edition books list you can order the proper books and Cd's easily. Yoga sutras of patanjali, Yoga anatomy, The heart of yoga, Raja yoga, Yoga Vasistha, The tree of yoga, Letter on yoga, Bhakti yoga sagar etc are some yoga related editions.

Yoga Tips, Books & videos
  • The heart of yoga
  • Yoga Anatomy
  • Yoga Vasistha
  • Bhakti yoga sagar
  • Raja yoga
  • Letter On Yoga

Yoga Tourism & Resorts

We promoting yoga & meditations training in Kerala and worldwide. Tourism industry promotes yoga classes and training program for many travelers. Yoga training conducts in resorts, and remote places like noiseless and non polluted area.Yoga tourism experiencing yoga camp in proper time duration and specializing mediation, classes for all the age group. Further details you can contact us or visit our site.

  • Yoga For Health
  • Yoga Stress Management
  • Weight Management
  • Pranayama
  • Yoga Training classes
  • Wellness Camp
  • Yoga meditation
  • Yoga Therapy

Yoga For Women & Kids

Yoga practice for women and kids for making good body, mind, and stress less life. Benefits of yoga helps in women during and after pregnancy, natural childbirth without complication, beauty care and skin care, and several yogi Asana's give a complete workout of the entire body. Panayama & mediation helps to think positively and increasing self confidence, energy, flexibility, increase blood circulation, good stretching muscles nerves etc. Yoga can improve Resistance power to avoid disease. Yoga providing feel free breath control and good immune system. Click here for booking and contact us.

Yoga for women & kids
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Meditation
  • Skin Care
  • Herbal beauty Care
  • Yogic Asanas

Yoga Exercise For Weight Loss

We do registration for yoga training and classes for losing weight and daily workout yoga's. Practicing continuously yoga Asana's and exercises for helping for avoid obesity and get back in a shape. We guaranteed weight management and herbal beauty and skin care. Yoga is a better choice for easy and quick weightless. Further details click here to contact us.