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Yoga In Kerala

Derived from the Sanskrit word, "YOGA" means "Union". It is a combination of Physical and Mental Exercise designed to hone ones concentration, improve health and attain eternity. Today's lifestyles are built up with stress and conflicts. There is disharmony in the body (physical), mind (mental), and Spirit (Spiritual) the basic 3 aspects of human body. All illness is the result of such disintegration of these three. Yoga has been practiced in India since the days Indus civilsation. It is around 5000 years old.

Yoga is a philosophy in itself. And will do wonders to the practitioners health. Other forms of exercise like aerobics, gymnastics concentrates only on the physical part of the human body. But Yoga integrates mental and physical form. One attains selfless form with years of practice.

It is achieved by 08 fold yogic practice. Yoga exercises are done gently in relaxed state with right mental attitude induced by correct breathing rhythm. By practicing Yoga, one has a complete control over his body - physical and mental. It increases the efficiency of the heart & slows the respiratory rate, lowers blood pressure, mental relaxation, reduces stress, strain, allays anxiety and many more.

It also serves to improve coordination, posture, flexibility, concentration, digestion etc. It is a supplementary therapy for anemia, insomnia, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, asthma, migraine and Aids; it helps to combat addiction like Consumption of liquor, smoking and drugs. Yoga in Kerala has been practising since long back. Kerala Yoga has great importance in mankind

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