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NRI In Kerala

Keralites had been going abroad in large numbers long before the country opened up its economy. This section of the diaspora is different from that in the rest of the world; the people were semi-skilled or unskilled, hailed from the lower and middle classes, and went mainly to the Gulf countries where they suffered serious hardship and deprivation. In spite of that, they sent home small amounts of money like clockwork. The Kerala you see today is a product of that money. The amount of funds the Gulf workers send in each year is estimated to be almost equal to the state’s budget! This money actually pays for a quarter of the state’s development. The rest is saved in individual recipient and NRE accounts. The NRI In Kerala is the small group of people who have returned from foreign countries.

The Kerala NRI has several organisations for the benefit of the NRI community. Arizona Malayalees Association, AGNI, COMA, FOKANA, HVMA, Haindava Keralam, KALA, KAOW, Kerala Association of Ohio, Kerala Cultural and Welfare Association and Kerala Dance Theatre are some among them.

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