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Kerala Weather

The Weather In Kerala is tropical like most parts of India. Due to close proximity to sea, the temperature of Kerala remains equable for most parts of the year. The state does not have a continuous dry spell, with the summers lasting from mid February to mid May. The tropical sun during the summer months can be felt extremely hot because of the relatively high humidity with the maximum temperature shooting up to 35 0C. Kerala receives most of the rainfall from North East Monsoons, which touch the state in mid May and frequently shower till early September. Besides the North East Monsoons, Kerala also receives showers from the South East Monsoons which knock in the last week of September and stay till early November.

The eastern highlands including the mountain regions predominantly have cool climate, which is very refreshing. On the other hand, the coastal plains of western lowlands generally remain hot and humid for most part of the year. The average annual rainfall in Kerala is quite high as compared to its neighboring states.

The monsoon season in the state generally extends for four months. There are four types of seasons in Kerala, which include winter, summer, south west monsoon and north east monsoon.

In most of the days in an year there is a moderate Kerala weather. The weather Kerala is well balanced between 18 degrees and 33 degrees in almost all the parts of Kerala.

Kerala is blessed by the nature in its climatic conditions. In short, Kerala climate is a well balanced one - not too hot or too cold. This moderate climate of Kerala is most favourable for a healthy tourism.

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