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Kerala Temperature

Kerala is a land surrounded by waters of the Arabian Sea in the west, and the western ghats in the east. The Kerala Temperature is mostly moderate throughout the year. The presence of the Western Ghats on the eastern side of the state and across the path of the southwest monsoon creates an important climatic zone with copious rainfall on the windward side and a dry belt on the lee eastern side. The temperature Kerala can be slightly changed with the climate. The Climate of Kerala can be clasified roughly into three categories. The summer which lasts from March to May followed by the southwest monsoon spell lasting until the middle of October and the northeast monsoons taking over the relay, lingering on till the month of February. The Temperature In Kerala will slightly decline during the monsoon and it will he slightly high in the summer.

Kerala climate can be classified into three main categories. From February to May, it is summertime and the climate is generally hot and humid. The southwest monsoons begin in June and continue till the middle of October or the beginning of November. In this season, there is fairly good rainfall without intermission. It is followed by fair weather during December and January.

Kerala has a moderate and balanced climate throughout the year. Even at the height of the monsoons, the temperature rarely dips below a pleasant 18 Degrees. It has a warm and pleasant tropical monsoon climate with seasonally excessive rainfall. The peak tourist season or the best time to visit the area is from September to February. The summer months are warm and humid with a mean max temperature of about 33 Degrees.

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