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Kerala Religion

Kerala is not only diverse in its geography and climatic conditions, but also in the religious faith. Religion in Kerala has played a crucial role in Kerala's culture. The state has people belonging to different communities and religions, living in harmony. The predominant Religions In Kerala followed are Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.

As far as the Kerala Religion is concerned, the origins could be traced to Hinduism. There is considerable population of people belonging to the Buddhism, Jainism and Judaism, apart from these three religions in Kerala. The different Religions In Kerala have influenced the culture of the state. There are a number of temples present in the state which are famous for their annual festivals. The state also is home to considerable number of mosques and churches. Different types of Religions In Kerala is one of the speciality copared to other states in India. Religions in Kerala are a mixture of different faiths, most significantly Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.

Kerala religions are mainly Hindu, Christian and Muslim. Apart from these three Kerala religions, some of them believe in other religions: Budhism, Judaism and Jainism. In Kerala the importance of Buddhism shown by various ancient statues and idols in the state. It is believed that spice traders brought Judaism to Kerala, in 7th century. According to Jews of Cochin, following the destruction of Second Temple of Jerusalem, a considerable population of Jews relocated themselves to Kerala. With passing of centuries, the population of Jews decreased considerably and at present, there are only few hundred Jews left in Kerala. Though there is evidence of practice of Jainism in Kerala before the arrival of Aryans. History is silent about it. The Famous Jainmedu temple in Palakkad is the manifestation of Jainism in Kerala. Today few families of Jain community are found around Palakkad in Kerala.

Hinduism is one of the main religions followed in Kerala. Nearly half of the population of Kerala comprises of Hindus. The state contains a long list of ancient and sacred temples dedicated to different Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Population of Hindu In Kerala are very high compared to other religions. For more details - hindu in kerala

It is believed that of Islam set its foot in India through Kerala. The Arabs of the Middle East came here for trade and settled here at the coastal areas. Kerala has the oldest mosque in the country. Majority of the Muslims religions population lives in the coastal areas of central and southern Kerala, especially in Malappuram district. For more details - muslim in kerala

It is believed by the Syrian Christians that St.Thomas visited Kerala in 52 AD and established 7 churches in the region. In 3rd and 4th centuries, a large number of Jewish Christians from Middle East came to the state. Christian Religions In Kerala are mainly found in southern most state of Kerala. Syrian Christians Religions In Kerala are also called Nasranis. For more details - christian in Kerala

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