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Simple Food Recipe For Malayalees

Food recipe for malayalees

Kerala has popular for various food recipe known as land of spicy foods. We have all varieties of vegetarian and non vegetarian foods included in breakfast, lunch, dinner menus. Kerala cuisines, Malabar special are giving different food collection recipe through online. Kerala food offers to exploring many type of dishes like rice categories, curry varieties in veg and non veg items using curry leaf, chillies, tamarind, mustard, coconut milk etc. Another specialty of food in kerala is traditional making sadya is served on banana leaf. Sea food is very popular in Kerala they included in the non veg items.

Simple Breakfast Recipe

Kerala have collection of delicious food recipes cooking for morning routine. Appam / palappam, Dosha, Idali, Vellayappam, Puttu, Pathiri, Upma, Poori masala with various curry using vegetables, sambar, kadala curry, green nut curry, chutney, chicken stew, crab masala, egg roast etc are cooking attraction of the morning dishes. Kerala foods can easy to prepare and your day will start of a healthy and digestible foods. Where ever we go all kerala hotel and home we can get this tasty breakfast and included non-veg and vegetarian items. Kerala cuisines, Adukkala foods special are giving different food collection recipe through online. kerala breakfast

Easy Lunch (Sadya) Cuisines

Malayalis cooking Lunch included in both vegetarian and non vegetarian items. Sadya is traditional meal of Kerala served on banana leaf, included in white boil rice, vegetables curries, fish curry, sambar, dall curry, kootukari, side dishes, pickles, desserts, Seafood items etc. Onam sadya (Thiruvonasadya), Vishu sadya, has a list of items of side dishes like aviyal, olan, pachadi, thoran, chips, upperi, varieties of pickles, pappadam, pazham, varieties of payasam like palapayasam, samiya payasam, kadala payasam, jackfruit payasam, mangopayasam etc are served compare to normal days. Every district has their own taste of food items. And non vegetarian dishes in biriyani varieties like Chicken, beef, mutton, egg, veg biriyani, fried rice in egg, Chicken etc. Malabari biriyani is famous in Kerala. Nowadays typical Kerala meals, biriyani, fried rice available in every restaurants.

kerala lunch

Popular Dinner Foods Of Malayalees

In Dinner, mainly we choosing wheat foods like Chapathi, Oats, raggi, Rice, fried rice, salad, fruits, side dishes, Chicken items like chilly Chicken, butter Chicken, paneer masala, mushroom gravy, poraotta, lemon rice, tomato rice, vellayappam, gee rice, pathiri, dinner meals, all food items are cooked simple and easy way. Biriyani varities in chicken, mutton, mushroom, duck, beef, thalassery biriyani, etc. Side dishes include common non-vegetarian dishes include stew (using chicken, mutton, fish) prawn, crab roast items etc are the special dishes in dinner time.

kerala dinner

Delicious Tea Snacks

Snacks is a small dishes in the evening. Kerala has number of snacks for tea time. Unnakayi, Pazhampori, Thari unda, sharkara unda, biscuits, butter cake, cutlet-Chicken, veg, fish, beef and veg and egg puffs, Chicken puffs, uzhunnvada, parippuvada, varieties of baji-using chilly (mulaku baji), egg, bread baji etc. And traditional snacks like achappam, kuzhalappam, ethakka appam, sukiyan, unniyappam are famous in Kerala and now used this items in all over india. Ramzan celebration, iftar party in the evening time, we can seen a varieties of sweets and snacks.

kerala tea snacks

Top Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian Food Items In Kerala

Kerala offers both food vegetarian and non-veg food items. Compared to other Indian foods, Kerala food recipe are very tasty and spicy and lots of varieties. Typically Brahmin's in Kerala, using completely vegetarian foods & vegetarian food is healthy and lots of benefits are there also gets immunity against some diseases. Non veg food items have varieties like Chicken, beef, egg, mutton, fishes, seafoods etc. In Kerala restaurant presenting lots of different recipes using this nonveg itemskerala vegetarian like, roasted prawn, crab, fishmolee, Chicken curry, butter Chicken, mutton curry, egg roast etc are some non vegetarian food prepared by Malayalees.