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Kerala Cuisine

One of Kerala's popular attractions is its delicious Kerala cuisine. The Keralites are producing some of the tastiest food in the world. Cuisine of Kerala is an exotic mixture of culture and heritage. Use of coconuts is one of the main factors behind the taste of Kerala cuisine.

Kerala, being the land of spices, is famous for its distinctive cuisine, which is quite different from the rest of India. Our staple food is rice. Keralites are using spices for cooking food. The seafood preparation is also popular. Fish curry and fried fish are popular dishes in Kerala. Keralites are using papaya, jackfruit, mangoes, lime etc for cooking various dishes. Avial, thoran, olen, pachadi, stew are favourite dishes in cuisine in Kerala.

Kerala cuisine recipes are a combination of Vegetables, meats and seafood flavoured with a variety of spices. Seafood's are main diet of Coastal Kerala. Whereas Vegetable is the main diet in plains of Kerala and Meat is the main course among tribal and northern Kerala.

Thoran, Aviyal, Olen, Pachadi, Sambar, Fish Curry, Fish Fry, Stew, Appam, Idiyappam, Puttu, Idly, Dosa etc. are favourite Kerala dishes.

The delightful seafood fare in Kerala also includes various forms of fish fry or fish curry cooked with a wide variety of Kerala spices, coconut and vegetables. "Karimeen Mappas" or fried fish is very popular among seafood lovers, as is a fish curry called "Fish Moilee". "Meen Vevichathu" or fish in fiery red chilly sauce and prawn curry in coconut gravy are among the all-time favorite seafood in Kerala.

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