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Kerala Association

There are several non profit organisations of Keralites all over the world to promote the Kerala Culture and to integrate the Keralites. A list of some of the organisations is given below. Abu Dhabi Malayalee Samajam, All Malaysia Malayalee Association, Arena for Global Namboothiris Interaction, British Malayalee Community Association, Federation of Kerala Associations in North American Malayali Association (FOKANA), Kerala Art and Literary Association of America's (KALAA), Kerala Association of Washington, Kerala Cricket Association, Kerala Internet Forum, Greater Atlanta Malayalee Association, Malayali Association of South Caroline, World Malayalee Council, Canadian Malayalee Association, All Malaysia Malayalee Association, Confederation of Tamilnadu Malayalee Associations, MEANA (Malayalee Engineers Association in North America), All Malaysia Malayalee Association (AMMA), Malayalee Association of the UK, Association of Malayalees in Arizona, Colorado Malayalee Association, Federation of Kerala associations in North America, Global community of Hindu Keralites, Kerala Association of Los Angeles, Kerala Association of Washington, Information on Keralites in Kuwait, Association of Keralites in Ohio, Organization of Malayalees in Vienna, Malayalee Engineers Association in North Texas, Activities of malayalees in Queensland, Australia, Association of Malayalee lawyers in Kuwait Cultural associations of Malayalees in Baden wuerttemberg, Germany, Vienna Malayalee Association, Detroit Malayalee Association, Sydney Malayalee Association, Malayali Association Genova, Italy, Chicago Malayalee Association

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