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Kerala Agriculture

Kerala was predominantly an agricultural land. The land of Kerala is believed to be a Gift of the Arabian Sea. Kerala agriculture includes many cash crops like coconut, tea, rubber, coffee, pepper, cardamom, cashew, arecanut, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, cloves etc which gives a diverse nature to the agriculture in Kerala. Agriculture kerala started on the banks of rivers and later spread to hills and mountains. Kerala is blessed with abundant supply of water from its rivers, lakes and ponds. Kerala soil is highly fertile and there is thick growth of vegetation across the length and breadth of Kerala.

The most essential or the staple crop is the rice or paddy. About 600 varieties of rice are grown in the sprawling paddy fields of Kerala. In fact the Kuttanad region of the district of Kerala is known as the 'rice bowl of the state' and enjoys a significant status in the production of rice. Next to rice is Tapioca and is cultivated mainly in the drier regions.

Tapioca is a major food of the Keralites. Besides production of the main crop, Kerala is also a major producer of spices that form the cash crops of the state. Kerala produces 96% of the country's national output of pepper. The important spices are cardamom, cinnamon, clove, turmeric, nutmeg and vanilla.

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