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High Court Of Kerala

When India became independent, Kerala was two princely states namely Travancore and Kochi. The Malabar was part of the Madras province and was under the direct administration of the British. The Travancore and Kochi states have been united into one known as the Travancore Kochi in 1st July 1949. The Travancore Kochi and Malabar were integrated into the state of Kerala on 1st November 1956.

The High Court Of Kerala is situated at Kochi. The High Court Of Kerala came into existence on 1st November 1956. Kerala High Court is the highest court of Kerala State and the Lakshadweep. The judicial functions of the state is transacted in the High Court.

The High Court has the superior power over the lower courts in Kerala. There are two types of Jurisdiction - the original jurisdiction and the appellate jurisdiction. Original jurisdiction is the power of High Court to issue writs. Civil and criminal cases are included in the appellate jurisdiction.

High court can give writ to individuals and organisations which are coming under its jurisdiction. Any disputes between the Civil and Criminal courts are settled in the name of Power for Jurisdiction. The Chief Justice of the High Court decides and appoints the officers of the Court but the laws of sanctioning the salary, allowances and other benefits are approved by the Governor.

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