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Altitude : 13m above sea level

Tourist Season : October to March

Clothing : Cotton Clothes

Temperature : Min. 20 c - Max. 35 c

Location: Latitude : 10 00' N Longitude : 76 25' E

Nearest Airport: Mangalore Airport

Nearest Railway Station: Kannur

Kasargod district is situated at the extreme northern area of the Kerala State. This district was formed by combining the Kasargod and Hosdurg Taluks. Kasargod is popularly known as the land of Gods, rivers, hills, beaches and forts. Most of the people in Kasargod are farmers. The important crops in Kasargod are paddy, vegetables, rubber, cashew, pepper, banana, tobacco etc. Kasargod is rich in folk art forms such as yakshaganam, oppana, mappilappattu etc.

There are twelve rivers in Kasargod. The longest is Chandragiri which originates from Pattimala in Coorg. The others are Manjeshwara, Mongral, Shrirya, Kwayi, Kumbala, Kalanad, Bekal, Kariyankod, Uppala, Chithari, Nileshwar. Kasaragod has a rich heritage and historical importance. The Bekal fort, which is of great historical and archaeological importance. It is the largest and well preserved fort in Kerala.

The ship building industry of Kasargod was well known in India. In the past years a number of ships were built here and sold in various states of India and they have been exported to foreign countries. Many Arab travelers have visited Kasargod between the 9th and the 14th centuries, which was an important trade centre at that time.

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